Use Senior Dating Apps To Find Love After Age 65

We all know that intimacy and love go a long way to determine the quality of our lives, and this is all the more important for those over the age of 65. They play a factor in later life to improve happiness, well-being and overall health. However, finding a partner becomes quite a bit of a challenge in the later stages of life; let us see how to go about senior dating.

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Over 60 dating has its challenges, but it’s not impossible. The senior population has seen a steady rise over the last decade, due to improvements in healthcare facilities. Hence, the overall quality of life increases, and along with it, a need for love and relationships. Knowing where to look is the key, and here are some places;

  • The Internet: a very notable way in which the dating scene has changed is the use of Internet facilities. Senior dating app makes it easier for over 60 dating because you do not have to move around as much. Some apps are specifically designed for them with the help of counsellors and psychologists, so as to catch the wavelength of the older generation. Customised for those above 60 years, they allow a person to chat, browse through profiles, and upload articles they’ve written. Above all, they provide one with the safety and security which is direly needed in these times.
  • A community centre: Community centres are places where outings and gatherings take place, allowing a lot of seniors to meet and greet one another, thus providing social stimulation. A senior centre will often have a calendar of events as well as special celebrations. This is a very useful opportunity to meet others in the same age group.
  • Dating coach and matchmakers: Many a senior has not warmed up to digital interaction because it feels alien to them. For those who are shy of social gatherings, a dating coach or a matchmaker is very handy indeed. For example there are around 300 matchmakers in the USA who also extend their services to seniors. However, they can be quite pricey, often to the tune of $2500 as a starting fee. These services include a host of personality tests and spiritual background information amongst other facilities.
  • Neighbourhood and stores: For those who play by the book; libraries, grocery stores in the neighbourhood, and hobby venues are useful places to meet others in the same age group and exchange pleasantries. Many friendships have been struck up in these places that have stood the test of time and improved the quality of life of the participants. Needless to say, a bit of extra effort is called for on the part of the seniors.
  • Senior living community: A lot of people find companionship and love amidst the settings of a senior community centre. When a person lives in proximity with others, and breaks bread with them, it helps to create a close knit relationship and a feeling of togetherness.

Some facts you need to know

  1. Older women, more often than not, see themselves as unattractive because of society’s obsession with youth and beauty. They fail to see that beauty lies in the mind.
  2. On an average, a woman outlives a man by 8 years. This means that in a community centre, for example, there will be 7 women for each man.
  3. A lot of older men who are well established go in for younger wives. This means it is more likely that an older man will embark on starting a family rather than seek out a partner his age.
  4. Older men lose their virility and tend to feel inferior to their younger counterparts.

No matter what, one needs to understand that companionship and happiness are all that matter. One should not go by age but by compatibility. If you need to download senior dating apps, you can visit!

Is Tinder A Good Dating App For People Over 40?

Dating online has a lot of options now a days.  It ranges from dating apps to dating websites.  Over 40 dating online often means you wonder what the best dating app for people over 40 is.  One of the apps that comes up, even for those over 40 dating is tinder.  The question is, is Tinder a good dating app for people over 40?

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The answer is both yes and no.  It all comes down to whether or not Tinder will meet what you are looking for in a dating app.  To some degree it will also depend on who you are.  Let’s take a quick look at what Tinder is.

What Is Tinder?

The first thing that you need to know to know when deciding whether or not Tinder is the best dating app for people over 40.  That is what Tinder is.  Tinder is an app that is designed to provide quick matches for those looking for dates.  Pictures and a small description allow you to gather quick descriptions of the potential match.  If you like someone, swipe right and you approve of the person.  Swipe left, you don’t approve of the person.

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If two people swipe right on each other, they are matched.  Once you have a match the two of you can communicate.  It is a quick and easy way to date.  No long profiles, no complicated and matching.

What Is Tinder Really Used For?

Tinder has become the hub for no strings attached meetups.  In other words, it has become a way for people to hook up.  The nature of the Tinder app kind of makes it easy for that.  Some people use Tinder for traditional dating but it is few and far between.  Ease of access promotes quick and forgettable encounters.

What Age Group Does Tinder Target?

Tinder only has one age restriction on their app.  You are required to be 18 or older in order to use the app.  This is to make sure that minors are not hooking up with those who are older.

Despite not having an official age range for the Tinder app, there is a definite slant towards the younger side.  This is due to several factors.  A large amount of younger people have smartphones and are knowledgeable in using them.  It is also because the quick, no strings attached dating style appeals to a younger crowd.

Is Tinder Right For Dating Over 40?

The question of whether or not Tinder is the right dating app for you is completely up to you.  You need to decide if the app meets your specific requirements.  We are going to break down a few things for you to consider.

Are You Looking For A Hookup Or A Relationship?

If you are looking to hookup with someone then Tinder is the right app for you.  You can quickly browse through pictures to identify the person that feels like a match to you.  Most people don’t even bother reading the profiles, they just look for a physical match.  But that leads us to our next question.

What Age Range Are You Looking For?

If you are looking for people dating over 40 then Tinder might not be the best place for you.  To find someone your own age on Tinder you will have to spend a lot more time swiping through profiles.  However, if you are looking for someone younger than you, a match might be right around the corner. 

Finding people younger than 40 won’t be a problem but finding one that wants over 40 dating online might be more difficult.

How Much Do You Want To Know First?

Tinder is not a traditional over 40 dating site.  As we have already mentioned, Tinder does not provide users with much information about each other.  Some profiles are one liners or quick summaries.  Others will have no about section at all.  This leaves you with less information about those you are dating.  If you want more information upfront, you might want to look to another over 40 dating site.

Now that you know more about tinder you can decide if you want to swipe right on that app or if you want to find another app to meet your fancy. 

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